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– Staff Support Services Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency structured to adequately address the gaps in healthcare staffing. We rapidly link enthusiastic result oriented healthcare professionals with leading healthcare providers across the country. Our years of experiences in healthcare industry has enabled us to successfully address the issues of low morale among healthcare staff which has for years affected patient’s care. Patient’s care is now transformed, “thanks to our Partners in care.

– At Staff Support Services Limited, we are dedicated to constantly providing high customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services through our highly experienced and motivated Partners (healthcare assistants, support worker and registered nurses). We support our partners to be on top of their profession by keeping them up to date through stringent compliance and screening processes. SSS renders quality excellent care, at an acceptable price. We support our partners to maintain a friendly resourceful work atmosphere that respects our client’s uniqueness and diversity.

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What sets Staff Support Services apart from the competition is our commitment to provide these services through our enthusiastic result oriented healthcare professionals that are highly experienced and motivated, thanks to our innovative healthcare staff led initiative partnership approach.

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